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April 30, 2012

Delta opens the week with a sale on international fares, and multiple airlines match. So where do YOU want to go in the world? The Smarter Travel crew have spotted a killer of an airfare sale from Delta — and unlike the sales we’ve seen for the last week or so, this one’s offering .../ ➝

April 29, 2012

Has some TSA airport screener lost your valuables, lifted something out of your luggage or put his hands some place where they really didn’t belong? Believe it or not, there’s an app for that. Those beloved airport screeners of the TSA, who seem so determined to challenge the Internal Re.../ ➝

April 24, 2012

The day after JetBlue discounts 20 US and Caribbean routes for summer, Southwest fires back bigtime — 1,200 routes with one-way fares as low as $60. But it’s only a two-day sale, so don’t dawdle. In the spring, a traveler’s fancy turns to summer airfare sales — and it&#.../ ➝

April 23, 2012

JetBlue tosses out a small summer fare sale, and five competitors follow suit. Who wins? Maybe you. The folks at Smarter Travel have spotted a summer airfare sale by JetBlue on 20 of its routes to U.S. and Caribbean destinations. Twenty discounted routes is hardly a blockbuster offering, but if it&#.../ ➝

April 22, 2012

The good, bad and bizarre from the world’s best travel media. ​ ​AIR AIRPORT APP You’re at the airport, with hours to kill before boarding, but your laptop’s battery is running low. Ever wish there were a smartphone app that could not just tell you, but show you where the elect.../ ➝

April 20, 2012

US Airways cuts deals with the unions representing the struggling American Airlines, the first step in what is now an open takeover bid. Remember when I told you that American Airlines as we know it today might not be around a year from now? After today, the end could come a lot sooner than that. [&.../ ➝

April 17, 2012

Black Americans traveling outside the United States for the first time often worry about how they’ll be treated. What they find often takes them totally by surprise. A funny thing happens to black folks when we travel outside the United States for the first time. We find out that we’re A.../ ➝

April 15, 2012

How is it that you can get a fuller picture of African realities today from Chinese television or al Jazeera than you can from American mainstream media? I just watched a brilliantly produced 30-minute documentary on the fashion scene in Kenya, focusing on a single young Kenyan fashion designer, Joh.../ ➝

April 11, 2012

Around the United States, airlines are quietly pulling out of airports where they’re not turning a profit. Expect to see more of this. One day this coming June, an Airbus A319 belonging to United Air Lines will push back from its gate at Oakland International Airport and taxi down to the end of th.../ ➝

April 9, 2012

The good, bad and bizarre from the world’s best travel media. ​ With this edition of the IBIT Travel Digest, we’re trying a slightly different format. Let me know if you prefer this approach or you’d rather keep it “old school.” Because unlike other social media (*cou.../ ➝