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November 8, 2016

Second in a series Twenty-four hours of planes, trains and automobiles en route to West Africa. 06 NOV — OGO By far, the highlight of my weekend in New York City was my reunion with my friend, Ogo, of Senegal. We met five years ago when he graciously included me in his group going to [….../ ➝

July 28, 2016

A series on Black men and women making moves in the travel industry All images courtesy of Dash Harris and AfroLatino Travel This Panamanian-born sister is the driving force behind a tour company emphasizing the Black side of the Latin American cultural family. Four years ago, Dash Harris got togeth.../ ➝

July 15, 2016

A movement to rebuild their historic financial foundation is taking hold among African-Americans, and traveling with purpose is part of the mix. While much of the United States is consumed by the latest outburst of gun violence, police controversy or the tragicomedy that is Donald Trump, a new movem.../ ➝

February 22, 2016

Salvador, Bahia’s rich cultural vibe has tourism officials touting it to tourists as the capital of Brazil’s African heritage. But a look past the enticing travel brochures reveals controversies that Black American visitors may find disturbingly familiar. In a social sense, Salvador, the.../ ➝

May 31, 2015

[slideshow deploy id=’708577′] Images by ©G. Gross/IBIT unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved. If everything you know about Creole heritage comes from Louisiana, prepare to have your eyes opened. As a Caribbean travel destination, Martinique checks all the expected boxes. .../ ➝

March 31, 2015

Every four years, the peoples of the Pacific come together for a two-week celebration by and of the peoples of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia — and you’re invited. Next year, while much of the rest of the world will focus on the Olympics and the World Cup, another gathering of natio.../ ➝

February 19, 2015

A trip to find the world’s first fully Christian lands could take you places you might never expect. Like Africa. If I say “religious travel,” what destinations come to your mind? Virtually every religion has its own “holy land,” sacred sites on sacred ground that is th.../ ➝

February 10, 2015

To really get into Black history, you’ll need to go beyond the month of February, and travel beyond American borders, because Black history is global. We’ve just left Black History Month, so this is as good a time as any to make this point. Were we to insist on historical accuracy, we.../ ➝

January 31, 2015

We travelers love the world’s great destinations, but too often, we don’t respect them — and we’re killing a lot of them as a result. Late last November, the world came out from Venice that this ancient and fragile Italian city would no longer allow tourists to bring wheeled .../ ➝

December 6, 2014

A carefully restored sugar plantation outside New Orleans may be the only one in the United States devoted solely to the history of American slavery. There are several well-preserved plantations around the southern United States. Nearly all of them go to great lengths to re-create the splendor and s.../ ➝