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June 6, 2014

The day that marks the official end of US slavery can be a great entrée for your kids to Black American history and heritage — not to mention a good excuse to travel. By the summer of 1865, the Civil War was over, the Confederacy was crushed and slavery had ceased to exist everywhere in.../ ➝

April 8, 2014

[portfolio_slideshow id=19531] All images by©IBIT/G. Gross. All rights reserved. The Mother Continent is quietly becoming a destination of interest for the world’s cruise lines. Travelers can find both ocean and river cruises with wide ranges in style, accommodation and price. I’ve .../ ➝

March 27, 2014

The couple that leads groups of Black American boaters on sailing vacations in the Caribbean is putting out a casting call for a cooking show at sea. Paul and Marvelle Mixon, recently featured in the IBIT Movers series, are looking for a few travelers with good taste, sea legs and dreams of TV stard.../ ➝

March 9, 2014

Visiting hallowed sites where life-changing things happened is an emotionally powerful form of travel. For Black Americans, this is one of those places. There are two kinds of places we look upon as “sacred ground.” One is sacred because some religious figure tells you it is. The other i.../ ➝

March 3, 2014

Even if you can’t make it down to the NOLA for today’s big parades that wrap up the Carnival season, you can still get in on the action via the Web, wherever you — or your smartphone — happen to be. This one’s for all the folks out there, be they displaced natives or no.../ ➝

February 27, 2014

Second of two parts Nature and Black heritage are perhaps the two best-known reasons for visiting Africa, but there are many more reasons to go. In the first segment of this series, we looked at Africa in terms of safety and whether a traveler could feel reasonably secure visiting the Mother Contine.../ ➝

February 21, 2014

First of two parts There are plenty of African countries that a traveler can visit with confidence. It’s just that mainstream media seldom tell you where they are. Today, the Africa Travel Association is holding its annual US-Africa Tourism Seminar in Washington DC. It serves as the kick-off f.../ ➝

February 18, 2014

The hippest trip at sea sails Feb. 23 for a week-long Caribbean cruise. Don’t miss the boat. You still have time — but not much time — to sign up for the Soul Train Cruise 2014 out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL aboard Holland America’s MS Eurodam. The Eurodam sails Feb. 23 for a one-.../ ➝

February 10, 2014

Some of Christendom’s holiest sites are in northern Ethiopia, where African Christians hewed cathedrals out of — and down into — mountains. But although they’ve stood for a millennium, their survival is not guaranteed. “And I say also unto thee that thou art Peter, and .../ ➝

February 4, 2014

Second in a series Wherever you live in the 50 United States, you’re probably no more than a day’s drive away from a museum devoted to some significant aspect of African-American history or culture. This being Black History Month, I look for any and every excuse to tie Black heritage to .../ ➝