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February 4, 2014

First in a series February is Black History Month. Use travel to learn about Black American history, or expose your family to African-American Heritage. One way is by exploring specially created heritage trails across the United States. Black or African-American Heritage Trails string together memor.../ ➝

February 3, 2014

February is the official month dedicated to connecting to our history. It’s as good a reason as any to travel — and every day this month, IBIT will offer some locations where you and your whole family can touch Black heritage. It’s that time of year again, when we see the nation.../ ➝

January 10, 2014

The Grand Hotel Evropa in Prague is the setting for a picturesque bit of art nouveau architecture — and one of the most heartwarming stories that was almost never told. Travel turns history from the dull stuff of textbooks into a living, breathing thing that’s right in your face. You can.../ ➝

November 14, 2013

Museums aren’t really boring. You just have to pick the right ones. Does this ever happen when you’re planning a trip? Someone mentions the M-word and someone else immediately raises the B-word. M is for “museums.” B is for “boring.” In reality, museums can be a blast. They also can .../ ➝

November 11, 2013

First of two parts The many and varied cuisines of the Mother Continent make food as good a reason as any to visit Africa. If you don’t have your passport yet, start your journey at your local African restaurant. Slowly but surely, the word is getting out about African cuisine. New York City h.../ ➝

October 14, 2013

Don’t just be about Black history next year. Be where it all began. February is Black History Month. How do you deal with that? You could attend a museum exhibit here, a lecture there, maybe check out a documentary or two on public television or YouTube. But if you’re feeling maybe it.../ ➝

September 18, 2013

Travel industry experts worry about the “authenticity” of African cultural travel. They should, and so should we. In an article published last August by Travel Weekly, writer Dorine Reinstein noted that “More and more tourists are requesting to meet ethnic groups during their Afric.../ ➝

September 16, 2013

On both sides of the Atlantic, black winemakers are slowly building a presence in one of the world’s most ancient industries. September is National Wine Month. Until a day or so ago, I never knew there was such a thing, but I’m glad there is. It gives me the perfect excuse to talk about .../ ➝

September 14, 2013

If you have a travel agency or organization with trips in the works, you want to get the word out about your trips — and we’re here to help. The IBIT TRAVEL CALENDAR is a listing in the sidebar by month and year of upcoming major trips and travel events, with special emphasis on black-or.../ ➝

July 21, 2013

Educating ourselves to the ways of the world — and the knowledge that the rest of the world isn’t all the same as America when it comes to racism — is a major reason why black Americans need to travel. Sundays are when you normally see the IBIT Travel Digest in this space. Not this.../ ➝