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December 8, 2016

Looming over the fishing village of Elmina, along Ghana’s Cape Coast, is a fortress of mottled whitewashed stone. If you are a Black American, your life story, and that of every Black American you know,  runs through these walls. Welcome to Elmina Castle..../ ➝

November 8, 2016

Second in a series Twenty-four hours of planes, trains and automobiles en route to West Africa. 06 NOV — OGO By far, the highlight of my weekend in New York City was my reunion with my friend, Ogo, of Senegal. We met five years ago when he graciously included me in his group going to [….../ ➝

August 1, 2016

An East African airline is making moves to turn one of Africa’s smallest and least-known countries into a major gateway to West Africa. More than a dozen nations — and a lot of international travelers — could benefit. When folks ask me where to go for their first taste of Africa, I often r.../ ➝

May 16, 2016

One of an occasional series First, she moved herself from the US to Ghana as an expat and a solo Black woman. Now, she’s making moves on the African travel industry, organizing safaris for women of color. When Ghana became the first Black African nation to win its independence from colonial Eu.../ ➝

February 28, 2015

One of an occasional series Rwanda’s best known attraction may be its mountain gorillas, but seeing the country’s commitment to “green” urban practices and reconciliation from its 1994 genocide are two good reasons to visit. Rwanda, one of East Africa’s landlocked natio.../ ➝

February 19, 2015

A trip to find the world’s first fully Christian lands could take you places you might never expect. Like Africa. If I say “religious travel,” what destinations come to your mind? Virtually every religion has its own “holy land,” sacred sites on sacred ground that is th.../ ➝

February 10, 2015

To really get into Black history, you’ll need to go beyond the month of February, and travel beyond American borders, because Black history is global. We’ve just left Black History Month, so this is as good a time as any to make this point. Were we to insist on historical accuracy, we.../ ➝

December 21, 2014

Mass-market tourism may do great things for a nation's economy, but it also can have a corrosive effect on a nation's culture. .../ ➝

November 14, 2014

One of a series This year’s ATA Congress in Uganda highlights the challenges of the ebola scare and the emergence — or re-emergence — of great destinations and investment possibilities. The annual congress of the Africa Travel Association, the pre-eminent organization promoting tra.../ ➝

October 29, 2014

Air travel to Africa isn’t expensive. It’s just being taxed and surcharged to death. I know a lot of people who would love to visit Africa, but they won’t. Not because of ebola, but because of the high cost of travel there, starting with the four-figure airfares. But that’s o.../ ➝