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From Film to Flight

Filming n location in China

On location in China

Want to use the locations of your favorite movies or television shows as inspiration for international travel? These sites can save you a lot of search time.

A few years back, I wrote about how you could use your favorite films or TV shows to give you a fresh, exciting list of vacation destinations. It’s still a good idea.

What I neglected to do was give you some online tools to do that quickly and efficiently. It didn’t occur to me back then that such tools would exist. But they do.

That’s right: There’s a Web site for that. Apps, too.

Most location Web sites are industry-oriented, geared toward helping filmmakers and location scouts rapidly identify prospective sites for new movies, TV shows or commercials. This one specifically identifies the locations of films already produced.

It’s far from being all-inclusive, and its search function seems surprisingly awkward at times, but with scores of films going back into the 1960s, it’s still worth a try.

One search of mine led to a list of film locations in London, England, which in turn produced a list of nearly 100 movies, some of which were shot in other locations as well as in London.

It also comes with an iPhone app that you can download.

You may need a little patience with this site, but the results should make the effort worthwhile.

What makes this site intriguing is that it lists locations not only by film title, but my actors’ names. The listings seem to be a work in progress, but there are enough of them completed to include this site in your search process.

In recent years, New Orleans — and to a somewhat lesser extent, the entire state of Louisiana — has become Hollywood South. The combination of picturesque settings, ready workforce and eagerly offered tax breaks is just too good for filmmakers to pass up.

So if the first two site listed above still leave you wondering where to go, just head for The NOLA — and use this Web site to find your favorite New Orleans flick or TV series.

There’s bound to be one.

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