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OUT THERE: Nicole is The New Black

One of an occasional series

Site: Nicole is The New Black

That’s what she calls her Web site. You might also say, however, that Nicole also is representing the New Black Traveler.

She’s doing it her way, and she’s doing it in Berlin, yet another of our growing legion of sisters who are fearlessly seeing the world on their own terms.

Like me, her ancestors hail from Jamaica (is that where this wanderlust of mine comes from?), and she believes she may have inherited her love of travel from her Jamaican grandmother.

She describes herself as “a reluctant domestic goddess” whose hobbies include “sewing, baking and sarcasm,” so consider yourself forewarned.

There are some advantages to domestic deity, though. When she’s not feeding her “incurable wanderlust and insatiable curiosity,” she says she can whip up a mean red velvet cake.

But after visiting 23 countries on five continents, she’s got a lot of tasty insights to share. And the first of that insight she’ll be sharing with us here on IBIT is her experience in Istanbul, Turkey — and how not to get taken for a ride there, so watch for it.

Meanwhile, you also can find her — as you can much of the rest of humanity — on Facebook, as well as Twitter and YouTube, where she gets into something called “vlogging.”

See, I told you she was out there!

So please welcome Nicole to the IBIT family!

thought on “OUT THERE: Nicole is The New Black”

  1. Hi Nicole, I too have taken a 10-day sabbatical to Istanbul, Turkey…still one of the best vacations to date!

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