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SITE Review: rome2rio

Rome2rio screenshot

SITE: Rome2rio

TYPE: Search engine/travel routing

LOCATION: Australia

COST: Free

Sometimes, you just want to know how to get there, especially if you don’t live near a major “hub” airport. These guys want to help you find your way — and maybe save you some money — at the same time.

More often than than not, there’s more than one way of getting from Point A to Point B, regardless where those two points may be in the world.

Rome2rio promises to show you most, if not all of them. Enter any two starting and ending points into its search engine, and this site will tell you how to connect them via plane, train, bus, ferry or car — or any combination thereof.

This is useful for two reasons.

Depending on ho you combine those different modes of transportation, routing trips this way can save you money.

For example, when I tried routing a trip from San Diego to Paris, it showed that taking the train from SAN to Los Angeles and then flying from LAX would be slightly cheaper than flying directly from San Diego.

At major destinations with more than one airport, such as Paris, London or New York, it can show you at a single glance which route would be cheaper.

If you’re willing to get creative in your routing to save some bucks, this site just might be your best enabler.

But support you don’t live anywhere near LAX, or ATL, or DFW or JFK. Rome2rio could be even more useful for those whose home address is a long way from a major “hub” airport.

To test that theory, I tried another search, keeping Paris as my destination, but this time using Fresno, CA as my starting point. The site produced three routing options.

The first priced out at $983, the second at $748 and the third at $667.

Would a $316 cost savings get your attention? It definitely hooked mine.

You can search routes by country, city, landmark or three-letter airport code. It also features secondary pages that will let you search for hotels and rental cars, in virtually any currency you choose.

Visually, Rome2rio’s primary search page is uncluttered, making it quick and easy to navigate. It also features secondary pages for finding hotels and rental cars.

If you’re environmentally conscious, Rome2rio also creates a link for every route search, showing how you can offset the carbon emissions generated on your route.

The site may not be able to produce specific information for every search that you enter, but it’s commendable that its creators make the effort.

The one negative I ran into involved using airport codes to check routes.

The airport for San Diego is SAN, but when i entered that into Rome2rio’s search box, it gave me San Francisco instead.

I love The City too, fellas, but you really need to fix that.

Overall, I would use one or more of your other trusted travel search sites to verify your Rome2rio findings, at least in the beginning. But as a starting point for your trip planning, it could prove very useful, indeed.

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