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SITE REVIEW: The Other Africa

©James Vallee | Dreamstime.com

SITE:The Other Africa

TYPE: News/information mashup

NOTE: Not to be confused with other Web sites with the same name

You’ve already got the mainstream media to bring you the latest horror stories from the Mother Continent. When you want to know what ELSE is going on in Africa, you can look here.

The Other Africa is basically a “mashup” created by JoelleET, a collection of stories from a variety of sources on the continent and around the world that illustrate some of the positive, uplifting, inspiring and innovative things taking place across the African continent that highlight the men and women doing them.

Other among things, you’ll read about:

  • The chief in Kenya who keeps the peace in his village…with the aid of Twitter.
  • How Kenya is turning itself into Africa’s Silicon Savanna.
  • The entrepreneur in Nigeria who ranks among the richest men in the world.
  • The young engineer from Cameroon who created a medical tablet computer.
  • The peasant farmer in Burkina Faso credited with stopping the spread of desertification.

I have no idea who JoelleET is, but I’d say her editorial judgment is bang-on. It’s not about trying to deny or ignore the terrible things that happen in Africa but about showing that there’s a lot more going on there than just terrible things.

You see similar efforts all over the Web to project a more fully rounded depiction of Africa, especially on YouTube. They’re to be found under titles like “This is Africa” or “The Africa They Never Show You.” Many are worth seeing.

But where those videos focus almost exclusively on imagery and music, The Other Africa is about spreading knowledge, the kind that, over time, may one day fill the yawning chasms of ignorance about Africa that still exist in the rest of the world.

Especially here.

You’ll note that a lot of the items published on this site are drawn from mainstream media sources, which may prompt you to wonder, “Why didn’t I see/hear/read about this?”

Good question. Feel free to email it to the editor of your favorite news outlets, as often as you feel the need. Because the cliched, stilted, one-dimensional picture of Africa brought to you by mainstream media will never change until their audience demands it.

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>Edited by P.A.Rice

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