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November 8, 2016

Second in a series Twenty-four hours of planes, trains and automobiles en route to West Africa. 06 NOV — OGO By far, the highlight of my weekend in New York City was my reunion with my friend, Ogo, of Senegal. We met five years ago when he graciously included me in his group going to [….../ ➝

November 7, 2016

First of a series 31 OCT-5 NOV I hate driving into a new city in the middle of the night, and arriving here reminds me why. The feeling is that of a mouse in a maze of headlights and tail lights, with freeway signs in lieu of cheese. The one saving grace, other than the […].../ ➝

April 2, 2016

The right choice of port to begin or end your cruise can give you two vacations for the time and cost of one. Even if you’ve never left sight of land in your life, you already know that all cruise ships are not created equal. Well, neither are all cruise ports. At some port cities, […].../ ➝

October 29, 2014

Air travel to Africa isn’t expensive. It’s just being taxed and surcharged to death. I know a lot of people who would love to visit Africa, but they won’t. Not because of ebola, but because of the high cost of travel there, starting with the four-figure airfares. But that’s o.../ ➝

May 2, 2014

When it comes to the world’s great destinations, regardless of what or where they are, one visit — or ten — may not be enough. Just about everyone has a so-called “bucket list,” that mental registry of must-see destinations they want to visit someday. Not me. I don̵.../ ➝

March 24, 2014

A group of investors is quietly making moves to return one of the most storied names in US airline history back to American skies. If you’re a “millennial,” you almost certainly don’t remember Eastern Air Lines, one of several US airlines that died off not long after you were.../ ➝

March 20, 2014

Just as the cruise lines periodically have to move their vessels around, so do the airlines. But when it comes to offering bargains on repositioning flights, the airlines aren’t nearly as accommodating. Once you’ve seen what kinds of deals you can get on repositioning cruises, it’s.../ ➝

February 28, 2014

SITE: Rome2rio TYPE: Search engine/travel routing LOCATION: Australia COST: Free Sometimes, you just want to know how to get there, especially if you don’t live near a major “hub” airport. These guys want to help you find your way — and maybe save you some money — at the same t.../ ➝

February 12, 2014

Take advantage of social media to interact with locals in far-off destinations, and give your travel that extra dimension — the human one. The new CONNECTIONS page on IBIT can help. After you’ve made your first few trips around the country or to foreign lands, you may notice an unsettling pa.../ ➝

September 11, 2013

First of a two-part series Pursuit of great wine is as good a reason as any to travel. That pursuit can take you to places you might not expect, or even believe. Not long ago, I was skimming through a catalog of university extension classes when I came across a course about competition in the [&hell.../ ➝