Suzhou children

Children in traditional dress in Tongli town, Suzhou city

The world’s most populous region. Nations whose histories and cultures are measured in millenia. Innovators from ancient times to the present, and rushing headlong into the digital future. Too big, too complex…and too beautiful to ignore.

IBIT in CHINA: An introduction
IBIT in CHINA: Beijing
IBIT in CHINA: The Wall and The Way
IBIT in CHINA: All is vanity
IBIT in CHINA: Shanghai
IBIT in CHINA: the world’s fastest train
IBIT in CHINA: The final stand of a Chinese marine
IBIT in CHINA: Slices of time
IBIT in CHINA: A random summing up

Japan in pictures
JAPAN…How does Japan feel about black folks, and is it worth the cost and the jet lag to find out? This traveler says yes.

Vietnam on Two Wheels (Tracy Gross)
Part 1
Part 2


FRENCH POLYNESIA…Come for the scenic beauty. Stay for whatever reason you want. From guest columnist Samuel Autman.

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