WEST AFRICA JOURNAL: Detouring ’round Dallas

American Airlines Boeing 757 "on final" in San Diego

Okay, flights are rerouted. San Diego up to Los Angeles via American Eagle, then from LAX into Washington Dulles.

If all goes well, not only will I arrive in DC tomorrow, but a good four hours earlier than originally scheduled.

Props to the reservations folks at American Airlines for coming through in the face of a monstrous storm that’s destined to play havoc with tens of thousands of travelers tomorrow. Mine really worked hard to make it happen for me, and I got her supervisor on the phone and told her so.

My comments go into her permanent file. I hope it leads to some extra cash going into her pocket.

Meanwhile, I’m back on track to Senegal and the Gambia.

Remember that Disney commercial of a few years back? The little brother and sister are sitting in bed, all wide-eyed and eager about their big trip to Disneyworld the next day. When the mother comes in and tells them to go to bed, the little boy replies:

“We’re too excited to sleep!”

That’s me, right now. I may not close my eyes again until somewhere over the Atlantic on Wednesday night. The pilot may be able to illuminate his flight path with the red glow from my eyes.

Do I care? Not a bit!


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