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January 10, 2017

Regular IBIT readers know I’m a big fan of rail travel. Well, maybe equal parts rail travel fan and air travel hater, but if you fly these days in anything but Business or First Class, you know why. My favorite Amtrak rail ride is the Coast Starlight, which runs between Seattle and Los Angeles.  .../ ➝

November 6, 2014

Japan is now testing maglev trains for passenger service. If the only train you’ve ever ridden is in North America, you are not ready for this. The country that invented high-speed passenger rail is about to re-invent it. When it debuted back in 1964, Japan’s Shinkansen — aka ̶.../ ➝

April 18, 2014

CheapAir.com will now let you make reservations on Amtrak, a clear sign that the travel industry is recognizing consumers’ frustrations with air travel. It’s one thing for Amtrak to let you reserve seats on its own Web site. But when an aggregator that deals with multiple airlines now sa.../ ➝

April 12, 2014

Austria is relatively new to high-speed rail and theirs is not the fastest, but from the look of their Railjet express train, they’re doing a lot of things right. As an unapologetic fan of rail travel, especially the high-speed variety now common across Europe and much of Asia, I’m alway.../ ➝

February 3, 2014

[portfolio_slideshow id=369499] All images by ©IBIT/G. Gross. All rights reserved. Rail travel has an emotional, spiritual element to it that flying just can’t match. With every trip you take, you learn something. I just came off a day-long train trip down the California coast on the Amtr.../ ➝

September 14, 2013

If you have a travel agency or organization with trips in the works, you want to get the word out about your trips — and we’re here to help. The IBIT TRAVEL CALENDAR is a listing in the sidebar by month and year of upcoming major trips and travel events, with special emphasis on black-or.../ ➝

June 30, 2013

The good, the bad and the bizarre in the world of travel CREDIT FOR TRAVEL If you want to travel, especially internationally, you’ll need some plastic. Plan on bringing a couple of good credit cards, one for general use, the other reserved for emergencies. (And no, I’m sorry, ladies, but.../ ➝

April 8, 2013

One of an occasional series. All images by IBIT/G. Gross unless otherwise identified. All rights reserved. A day’s ride down the California coast aboard the Amtrak Coast Starlight proves the perfect antidote to two weeks of stress. I had flown up from San Diego to Oakland to deal with medical .../ ➝

November 4, 2012

The good, the bad and the bizarre from the world’s best travel media DANCING WITH HURRICANES For most of the last week, travelers have been coping with the chaos created by Hurricane Sandy. Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group, offered some really helpful tips for travelers to get throug.../ ➝

October 28, 2012

The good, the bad and the bizarre from the world’s best travel media HIT THE COFFEE ROAD In addition to wildlife safaris, history and heritage, you now have a new reason to visit East Africa: coffee. An outfit called ET African Journeys is offering a 14-day tour next month called Ethiopia .../ ➝